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Casper's Life

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

posted by 曾裕哲 @ 9:52 PM  
I'm so fucking stressed!!! Fucked!! Caught in so many dilemma, though of many ways. I know disappointment is unavoidable but,. Fuck! Don't feel like wasting my time and the Precious money! Pride is also on the stake.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


posted by 曾裕哲 @ 12:12 AM  
Well shifted back to my blogger again. Well can't seems to abandon all my memories which are found here.

Probably Will be doing some renovation of the blog. editing the skins and stuff.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bye Blogger! =)

posted by 曾裕哲 @ 9:56 PM  
Alright. This is probably my last post in blogger.
And also, this is the 300th Post.
From 2006 till now haha! anyway i will still continue to post my updates in the
new blogger at Tumblr at ----> Click HERE to reach there.

This is the link Plz relink mi thanks =)

Well Bye bye to my Camps!

posted by 曾裕哲 @ 6:09 AM  
Alright. Finish My Course and bidding goodbye to my bellow bunkmates.
Bye T-Pass, Bye Mess , Bye F.I , Bye Bunk Cleaning And Bye too all nonsense!
Miss my bunkmates, Boon ah, Gary, Laocheng,Kenneth wilfred,lay yan and Ah Benz
haha, Great times having Kbox in the bunk, laughing and complaining together about
those stupid F.I. Night lights out and we are still on each other bed, sharing those
bad times and each other stories. Lots of joy and memories shared well now we are
posted to the East Team and the West Teams! Hope we can still meet in the Central =)

Well,Posted out. Today went to the Head.Q to understand And learn about different
Rooms and Function. Quite Bored due to the accompaniment of people.
Sometime, i was rather quite dis-motivated in terms of conveying my message allowing people to understand what i'm trying to say. Having to had 2 set-backs on the
same day i had nth to say and had to swallow it down.
Sometime it's like saying black coffee are nth as compared to a Bitter gourd.
The Bitterness i guess onli my squad truly understand cause we walked the same path

My dear Bff had a relapse, back to hospital after recovering for 6 month.
had to gone through all those pain again. Hopefully, the process will
end fast and hope u have a fast recovery after all treatment and end the disease.
U can win the 1st one, and i'm sure the second one is juz the dessert for you.
Endure All right =)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


posted by 曾裕哲 @ 10:37 PM  
Alright! Its realllyy very loong that i had some updates on my life.
After Poc, had a brand new squad in hta thanks being chosen for the lucky ones.
Well, the squad was quite alright, much peaceful that NS55 but of course NS55
is much more fun alright. althought everyday kenna, but thats the fun during
BMT.No siao on and stuff.

Well been with a clique, now staying with them after the move from the initial bunk.
can't say anything bad cause dey know my blogspot. hahas. jk.
anyway, 1 months and 3 weeks more to go. I really looking forward to posted out
as compare to during in the BMT.

Anyway, Driving started , was rather tired and sometime dun really feel like driving
cause, it was like back to basic and stuff, but luckily the trainers knew
i know driving so, we had been doing things of common interest - Lehpat!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


posted by 曾裕哲 @ 10:21 PM  
Well...It's been a rather long time since i post updates up.
Had to type something up juz in case it become rustier.
It been like a months since i poC. well it was rather a joyful days for everyone
as its finally time for us to pass out from here (Well, got my posting in the end of the day and realise i had to stay in for NPCO course).
I got npco, was rather = =! luckily there's kenneth , shakkir and nizam as well.

Anyway, everyone spilted path, but i guess everyone still miss in staying under
the same roof/bunk.Took tonnes of photos within us.

Got in Npc 3, same squad and bunk as shakkir and kenneth. Quite surprisingly,
there's quite alot of similar faces or network within friends.
There's Khai who is same class as mi in Rp,Cavel, jac,edi..etc friend,
Yuancheng- Yinmin Sec clique.

Ok going to chinese new year. It was a rather zzZ mood cause onli 2 days off
before going back to Camp. Had majong with YuanCheng and Gary for like 2 days.
Won near hundreds. Woo thanks for the contributions.. lolls
ok got to end here. quite lazy to type cause later going back to Camp.. TIRED!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

CountDowns = 5 Days

posted by 曾裕哲 @ 12:25 AM  
Alright. Tonight gonna be the last book in to Hta.
Guess it's been quite a long period having a "Nice"Chalet inside for
3 months plus. It's just felt times flies, was it me having a good
time inside? I Guess not. hahas.

Alright sure post some stuff that could remember since after the last post.
There was a day visit to timbre with Tsc,Justin,GuangYe and Josh.
Well, had a good laugh and having some great finger food.
Music was nice but was too loud cause seated to near to the singer.. I meant
the Speakers. It wouldn't be a great Seats for groups who wanna have a good
convo as we will find ourself ears near mouth or have to speaker in higher volume

Well. After tt,Visited the lan shop @ park Lane. Had a hard time finding a place as most
will be occupied by those after-school boys.
Found a place, played Left4Dead 2. well it was quite fun. Shooting down zombies and
Hunting down humans. Well it was a enjoyable night especially we had a good supper
at the dessert store serving Tao huey and Doughsticks.

Fridays's late night out with justin for a good dinner due to quite a sudden cancellation
of activities. Well, had our meals at Bukit Timah, the place tt open 24 hour.
Had Martubak Pizza Recommended by Justin with a side dish of Garlic Nann and a glass
of exortic drinks - Lychee in ice tea or smth like tt.Lols
Had our Dessert @ Somewhere near, Icecreams! woos! felt so sinful but. since it was
bookout days so its alright.. hahas.

Sat Out with Jiang and feng as jiang gonna fly to Taiwan for his course.
Well, we went having a walk @ vivo. Warehouse Changing parade party @ topman..
Ping Pong improved among us and we had a longer match i guess .
Anyway had a good dinner by Jiang's mum @ turf city with a sumptuous meal and it
was Yummy~
Anyway, had a good and fun trip while learning over there jiang =D

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy 21st "Bro"

posted by 曾裕哲 @ 9:58 PM  
1st thing 1st.

Happy 2nd Christmas Celebrations For dreamers @ vin house.
Present Exchanges, i Sewed a Doll For Yinmin cause i own her one in birthday.
So had to make something big , but i think it end up it dun look big. hahas
But not easy to make. it cause my to sew before and after the surprises from Commander
when they visit the coy for 2 night with rushing down to do the punishment.
Overall, It cost me at least 7 hours and pricks here and there.
I got a Towel Set From samantha , haha. Well i can use it inside my camp. With towel to
wash my face and a better quality Bath towels.

2nd thing 2nd.

Well Staying in foxtrot was so fuck up. People who came in earlier than us which are
the Prep Course means the not so fit intake. Been soboing the rest in the Company.
Bringing Cigrette,Sleeping on bed in peak hours and etc. had make everyone without
having a good sleep.Luckily we(Fit Intake) gonna shift into the new coy;Echo; but
we have to shift beds and cupboards again.zzzZ

3rd thing 3rd.
Went to cathay to catch a movie with some of the Ns55;
Includes,Josh,SeokChin,Justin,JJ,GuangYe,Kenny,Nizam and Me.
well we watched, the bodyguard assassin .
Overall i think it was a greatshow with more actions as compare to the
storm warriors. Anyway a nice hangout night =D

Last thing last.
Ytd Was jo B'day, Finally the last to come to our 21st club.
There's Weiwei,Jo,Tiff,Zhiyong and me
HaH. not onli she had a surprises, everyone had it too...
My "bro"(Wing) Flew back from australia. haha.
No-ones knows except for wei. haha
well it was heart-warming that we guys could hang out since like dunno how many milllion
years ago. We had a good lunch treated by jo @ seoul garden. Having a good shopping
together @ marina Square Bought 3 shirts @ topman.Muahaha since it having
a Year end sale. =D Well. After we(Wing,wei,Me) finish shopping, boarded bus instead of
train. Took to Queentown and change cab due to some reason. Lols! then Supper followed
by Ntuc Extra to do some groceries.

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